Here at PJD we love The Oils.
The Oils of course are Midnight Oil, the Australian rock band who are probably best remembered in the UK for their top 10 hit 'Beds are Burning' from 1987.
Try checking them out on Spotify... from the seminal Goat Island gig ‘Oils on the Water’ to the rasping anthems of ‘Diesel and Dust’, you will not only discover a band with incredibly talented musicians but a group of men who genuinely care about the less fortunate, the socially discarded, the forgotten heroes and the delicate future of our planet.
“Hope is what you say and do”

Cover image: Portrait of lead singer Peter Garrett by Paul Johnson

Please check out the charities page here where you can read about PJD’s support of The Great Barrier Reef Legacy Fund - a cause very close to Midnight Oil’s hearts. Thank you.
(Images courtesy of Marty Beveridge - Thanks Marty!)
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